The interdisciplinary NORCOR research group was established in 2013. The group is founded and headed by the Department of Medicine, Drammen Hospital and is a clinical and academic collaboration between the Department of Medicine, Drammen Hospital, Department of Laboratory Medicine in Vestre Viken, Department of Cardiology at Vestfold Hospital, Department of Behavioral Medicine at University of Oslo and Department of Pharmacology at Oslo University Hospital.

John Munkhaugen, Elise Sverre, Erik Gjertsen, Einar Husebye, Toril Dammen, Lars Gullestad and Nils Tore Vethe constitute the steering committee which anchors strategy and overall decisions. The NORCOR group currently (per August 20) comprises a research coordinator, 2 post-doctoral researchers, 5 PhD research fellows, 12 senior researchers as well as national and international advisers and partners. Below follows s a short presentation of the research team:

Members of NORCOR research group:


John Munkhaugen

Leader of the research group, professor-competent senior researcher in clinical medicine and cardiologist trainee.
Phone: +47 97524194

Deputy leader

Elise Sverre

Deputy leader and leader of the epidemiologic project, post-doctoral researcher and cardiologist trainee.
Phone: +47 99020329

Research coordinator

Sigrid Masters

Research coordinator and cardiac nurse
Phone: +47 92666378

Group leaders

Nils Tore Vethe

Leader of the statin pharmacology project, senior researcher and pharmacist

Toril Dammen

Leader of the bio-psychosocial project, professor of behavioral medicine and specialist in psychiatry.

Senior scientists

Stein Bergan

Senior researcher, professor of clinical pharmacology

Costas Papageorgiou

Senior researcher, professor-competent senior researcher in clinical psychology.

Inger-Hilde Nordhus

Senior researcher, professor of health psychology

Ole Andreassen

Senior researcher, psychiatrist and professor.

Lars Gullestad

Senior researcher, specialist and professor in cardiology

Erik Gjertsen

Clinical researcher, cardiologist and head of section for cardiology

Einar Husebye

Professor-competent senior researcher, specialist in gastroenterology and special adviser

Pål Gulbrandsen

Senior researcher, professor of health service research, communication researcher

Srdjan Djurovic

Senior researcher, geneticist and professor of clinical medicine.

Senior advisors

Joep Perk

Senior Advisor, Specialist and Professor Emeritus in cardiovascular disease prevention.

Jan Erik Otterstad

Senior advisor, specialist and professor competent in cardiology

Post-doctoral researchers

Kari Peersen

Post-doctoral researcher and physiotherapist.

Phd candidates

Trine Lauritzen

PhD candidate

Kristoffer Tunheim

PhD candidate

Oscar Kristiansen

PhD candidate

Lars Aastebøl Frøjd

PhD candidate

Kristin Torgersen

PhD candidate

Study statisticians

Harald Wedon-Fekjær

PhD, Oslo Center for Biostatistics and Epidemiology (OCBE), Regional Research Support, OUS.

Morten Wang Fagerland

PhD, Oslo Center for Biostatistics and Epidemiology (OCBE), Regional Research Support, OUS.