The research group NORCOR at Drammen Hospital is dedicated to advancing cardiovascular medicine through their focus on improving treatment methods and patient outcomes for those affected by cardiovascular diseases. Comprised of a multidisciplinary team of cardiologists, research nurses, and healthcare experts, NORCOR conducts a variety of clinical studies, registry studies, and translational research.

NORCOR’s research covers a range of topics such as acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, arrhythmia, and hypertension. The group emphasizes leveraging new technology and innovative treatment strategies to enhance patient care. By collaborating with national and international research networks, NORCOR plays a significant role in advancing the understanding and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to conducting research, NORCOR is commited to mentoring and educating young researchers and healthcare professionals in research methodology and clinical practice. This dedication to excellence in patient care and outcomes solidifies its important role in the medical research community in Norway.

Norcor is organized into four research groups, each dedicated to a specific aspect of our ongoing major research projects. These projects are all initiated and led by NORCOR researchers.

NORCOR collaborates with national and international institutions on multi-centre studies. These studies are conducted simultaneously at multiple locations based on a single research protocol. For international multi-centre studies, a designated Norwegian project manager is required to oversee the Norwegian components of the research, ensuring effective coordination with participating Norwegian study sites.


Here is an overview of our current and past projects for Postdoctoral fellows, Phd candidates and Master’s students:

Ongoing post-doctoral projects                                                                     

Ongoing PhD projects                         

Completed post-doctoral projects

Completed PhD degrees                                                                  

Completed Master’s degrees