The NORCOR bio-psychosocial project, led by Toril Dammen, was initiated in 2015. This project delves into various psychological factors, genetic mechanisms, and the development and testing of new treatment models tailored for coronary patients with anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. We develop and evaluate innovative treatment models for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. Drawing on data gathered from the NORCOR cohort study, as well as from psychiatric interviews with 50 participants in a cross-sectional study, the project sheds light on the complex relationship between mental health and heart disease.

The project also uses clinical and genetic data from more than 400,000 patients from the United Kingdom (UK) biobank and the 23andme database.

In 2019, an open intervention study was carried out to assess the efficacy of a novel psychological treatment designed specifically for cardiac patients with anxiety and depression.

The project currently includes 3 PhD fellows.